Discussion Questions

*These discussion questions were created for both mother and daughter to answer and discuss. Remember the memories and moments that are created when our girls hear us tell stories and share our thoughts!

  1. Are you competitive by nature?  If not, do you know someone else who is?  Give an example of why you are competitive (or the person that you know.) Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of being a competitive natured person.

  2. What are some examples of things you can do in your everyday life to be a person who consistently walks out being “content with second place.”  Discuss why this is a quality that the verse included in how we “wear love.”


Dear Lord,


Help me to understand how to walk out being content with second place. Help me to keep my heart always open to you being in first place and trusting you with the rest! I know you have a plan for my life and I want to fully trust you with every outcome and let you guide my way. Thank you for what you are speaking to my heart.


I’m Jesus Name,


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