Discussion Questions

*These discussion questions were created for both mother and daughter to answer and discuss. Remember the memories and moments that are created when our girls hear us tell stories and share our thoughts!

  1. What do you struggle with more typically- being humble or having quiet strength?  Why?

  2. What is something you think God put in you that He wants to use for His plan and His glory?  How can you use this gift or strength in your life right now if you are not already?

  3. You don’t have to wash your friends feet, but what is something you could do to walk in humility with your friends and/or family? 

  4. Why do you think it’s actually harder for us to show humility with those closest to us?


Dear Lord,

Thank you for the time focused on you and what you are saying to me today. Help me to hear your voice and have a heart that is open to receive. Show me how I can walk in humility and learn the discipline of quiet strength, even when I don’t feel like doing that. Please use me to be an example to others of Christ like love by choosing humility.

In Jesus Name,


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